Übersetzung von “face” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /feis/

the front part of the head, from forehead to chin

a beautiful face.

a surface especially the front surface

a rock face
Dice have six faces.

in mining, the end of a tunnel etc where work is being done

hujung terowong
a coal face.

having a face of a certain kind

a baby-faced man.
facial /ˈfeiʃəl/ adjective

of the face

mengenai wajah
facial expressions.
facing preposition


The hotel is facing the church.
facecloth noun

(British ) a piece of cloth for washing the face or body; washcloth(American)

kain lap muka
facelift noun

(medical) an operation to smooth and firm the face

pembedahan muka
She has had a facelift.

a process intended to make a building etc look better

This town hall will be given a facelift.
face powder noun

a type of make-up in the form of a fine powder

bedak muka
She put on face powder to stop her nose shining.
face-saving adjective

of something which helps a person not to look stupid or not to appear to be giving in

menyelamatkan muka
It was a face-saving move to allow the president to step down from power without too much embarrassment.
face value noun

the value stated on the face of a coin etc

nilai nominal
Some old coins are now worth a great deal more than their face value.
at face value

as being as valuable etc as it appears

nilai lahir
You shouldn’t take this offer at face value.
face the music

to accept punishment or responsibility for something one has done

menerima hukuman
He had to face the music after being rude to the teacher.
face to face

in person; in the actual presence of one another

berhadapan muka
I’d like to meet him face to face some day – I’ve heard so much about him.
face up to phrasal verb

to meet or accept boldly

She had to face up to a difficult situation.
in the face of

having to deal with and in spite of

She succeeded in the face of great difficulties.
lose face

to suffer a loss of respect or reputation

jatuh air muka
He’ll lose face if he doesn’t keep his promise.
make/pull a face

to twist one’s face into a strange expression

mengerutkan muka
She pulled faces at the baby to make it laugh.
on the face of it

as it appears at first glance, usually deceptively

selayang pandang
On the face of it, the problem was easy to solve.
put a good face on it

to give the appearance of being satisfied etc with something when one is not

berbuat seolah-olah puas
The defeat hurt his pride, but he was determined to put a good face on it.
save one’s face

to avoid appearing stupid or wrong

mengelakkan dari kelihatan bodoh
I refuse to accept the responsibility for that error just to save your face – it’s your fault.

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