Übersetzung von “fair” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /feə/

light-coloured/light-colored; with light-coloured/light-colored hair and skin

warna cerah
fair hair
Scandinavian people are often fair.

just; not favouring/favoring one side

a fair result.

(of weather) fine; without rain

cuaca baik
a fair afternoon.

quite good; neither bad nor good

agak baik
Her work is only fair.

quite big, long etc

The box is a fair size.


a fair maiden.
fairness noun

He is known for his fairness in treating everybody equally.
fairly adverb

justly; honestly

dengan adil
We must ensure that the competition is fairly judged.

quite or rather

The work was fairly hard.
fair play noun

honest treatment; an absence of cheating, biased actions etc

bersikap adil
The referee must ensure that fair play is enforced throughout the game.
fair test noun

(in science) a test in which all the conditions of every sample are kept the same apart from the one variable which is being investigated

ujian saksama
Students must ensure that their experiment is a fair test.

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