Übersetzung von “favour” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch



a kind action

Will you do me a favour and lend me your car?

kindness or approval

She looked on him with great favour.

preference or too much kindness

kebaikan hati
By doing that he showed favour to the other side.

a state of being approved of

mendapat simpati
He was very much in favour with the Prime Minister.
favourable adjective ( favorable)

showing approval

Was her reaction favourable?

helpful or advantageous

a favourable wind.
favourably adverb ( favorably)

dengan menolong
favourite adjective ( favorite)

best-liked; preferred

His favourite city is Paris.
favouritism noun ( favoritism)

preferring or supporting one person etc more than another

pilih kasih
The teacher was accused of favouritism towards certain students.
in favour of ( in favor of)

in support of

I am in favour of a higher tax on cigarettes.
in one’s favour ( in one’s favor)

to one’s benefit or advantage

The wind was in our favour.
favour, noun, ends in -our.The adjective favourable is also spelt with -our-.

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