Übersetzung von “finger” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈfiŋɡə/

one of the five end parts of the hand, sometimes excluding the thumb

She pointed a finger at the thief.

the part of a glove into which a finger is put.


anything made, shaped, cut etc like a finger

berbentuk jari
a finger of toast.
fingernail noun

the nail at the tip of the finger

I need to cut my fingernails.
fingerprint noun

the mark made by the tip of the finger, often used by the police etc as a means of identification

cap jari
The thieves carelessly left fingerprints everywhere.
fingertip noun

the very end of a finger

hujung jari
He cut his fingertip by accident while preparing the salad.
be all fingers and thumbs / my etc fingers are all thumbs

to be very awkward or clumsy in handling or holding things

He was so excited that his fingers were all thumbs and he dropped the cup.
have (something) at one’s fingertips

to know all the details of (a subject) thoroughly

tahu semua
He has the history of the firm at his fingertips.
have a finger in the pie / in every pie

to be involved in everything that happens

She likes to have a finger in every pie in the village.
put one’s finger on

to point out or describe exactly; to identify

She put her finger on the cause of our financial trouble.

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