Übersetzung von “fire” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈfaiə/

anything that is burning, whether accidentally or not

a warm fire in the kitchen
Several houses were destroyed in a fire.

an apparatus for heating

a gas fire
an electric fire.

the heat and light produced by burning

Fire is one of man’s greatest discoveries.


The knights rode into battle with fire in their hearts.

attack by gunfire

The soldiers were under fire.
fire alarm noun

an apparatus (eg a bell) to give warning of a fire

alarm kebakaran
Everyone had to leave the building when the fire alarm rang.
firearm noun

any type of gun

senjata api
In most countries you need a licence/license to keep firearms.
fire brigade noun

a company of firemen

Call the fire brigade!
firecracker noun

a kind of firework which makes a loud noise.

bunga api
fire engine noun

a vehicle carrying firemen and their equipment.

kereta bomba
fire escape noun

a means of escape from a building in case of fire, usually in the form of a metal staircase on the outside of the building

tangga kecemasan
Hotels should have fire escapes.
fire extinguisher noun

an apparatus (usually containing chemicals) for putting out fires

alat pemadam api
There must be fire-extinguishers in every room.
firefighter noun

someone whose job is to make fires stop burning and to rescue people from other situations where they are in danger.

ahli bomba
fireguard noun

a metal framework placed in front of a fireplace for safety.

pendinding api
fireman noun (plural firemen)

a man whose job is to put out accidental fires or those caused deliberately as a criminal act.

ahli bomba
fireplace noun

a space in a room (usually in a wall) with a chimney above, for a fire

a wide stone fireplace.
fireproof adjective

that is made so it cannot catch fire

kalis api
a fireproof suit.
fire service noun

the organization that makes fires stop burning and rescues people who are in other dangerous situations.

perkhidmatan bomba
fireside noun

a place beside a fireplace

tepi perapian
The old man slept by the fireside
(also adjective) a fireside chair.
fire-station noun

the building or buildings where fire-engines and other pieces of equipment used by firemen are kept.

balai bomba
fire truck noun

(American ) a special vehicle which firefighters use to drive to a fire and to carry their equipment; fire engine(British)

trak bomba
firewood noun

wood that is suitable for burning as fuel

kayu api
I went into the garden to cut some firewood.
firework noun

a small exploding device giving off a colourful display of lights

bunga api
Rockets are my favourite fireworks
(also adjective) a firework display
If your sister finds out, there’ll be fireworks (= a display of anger)!
firing-squad noun

a group of soldiers with guns, to execute a prisoner

pasukan penembak
He must face the firing-squad.
catch fire

to begin to burn

Dry wood catches fire easily.
on fire


The building is on fire!
open fire (usually with on)

to begin shooting at

mula menembak
The enemy opened fire (on us).
play with fire

to do something dangerous or risky

Putting all your money into that business is playing with fire!
set fire to (something) / set (something) on fire

to cause (something) to begin burning usually accidentally or deliberately as a criminal act

They set fire to the ambassador’s house
She accidentally set the house on fire.
under fire

being shot at

We have been under fire from the enemy all day.

being criticized or blamed

The government is under fire over its new tax proposals.

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