Übersetzung von “first” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective, adverb /fəːst/

before all others in place, time or rank

I was the first person to arrive
The boy spoke first.
firstly adverb

in the first place

yang pertama
I have three reasons for not going – firstly, it’s cold, secondly, I’m tired, and thirdly, I don’t want to!
first aid noun

treatment of a wounded or sick person before the doctor’s arrival

bantuan kecemasan
We should all learn first aid
(also adjective) first-aid treatment.
first-born noun

one’s oldest child

anak pertama
Daniel was our first-born
(also adjective) Their first-born child was Rosa.
first-class adjective

of the best quality

kelas pertama
a first-class hotel.

very good

sangat sedap
This food is first-class!

(for) travelling in the best and most expensive part of the train, plane, ship etc

kelas pertama
a first-class passenger ticket
(also adverb) She always travels first-class.
first floor noun

(British ) the floor of a building that is the next one above the floor that is at the same level as the ground outside; second floor(American)

tingkat satu
Our flat is on the first floor.

(American ) the floor of a building that is on the same level as the ground outside the building; ground floor(British)

tingkat bawah
Her apartment is on the first floor.
first-hand adjective, adverb

(of a story, description etc) obtained directly, not through various other people

orang yang pertama
a first-hand account
I heard the story first-hand.
first language noun

the language that you learn to speak first when you are a child

bahasa pertama
Her first language is Spanish.
first name noun

the name that you are given when you are born and which comes before your family name

nama pertama
Her first name is Doris.
first-rate adjective

of the best quality

She is a first-rate architect.
at first

at the beginning

pada mulanya
At first I didn’t like him.
at first hand

obtained etc directly

secara langsung
I was able to acquire the information at first hand.
first and foremost

first of all

pertama sekali
First and foremost, we have to decide who will be the captain of the team.
first of all

to begin with; the most important thing is

First of all, let’s clear up the mess
First of all, the scheme is impossiblesecondly, we can’t afford it.

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