Übersetzung von “flat” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /flӕt/ (comparative flatter, superlative flattest)

level; without rise or fall

a flat surface.

dull; without interest

For some reason the performance was rather flat.

(of something said, decided etc) definite; emphatic

a flat denial.

(of a tyre/tire) not inflated, having lost most of its air

His car had a flat tyre/tire.

(of drinks) no longer fizzy

tidak berbusa
flat lemonade
(also adverb) My beer has gone flat.

(music) slightly lower than a musical note should be

That last note was flat
(also adverb) He was singing a bit flat.
flatly adverb

definitely; emphatically

dengan tegas
She flatly denied stealing the brooch.
flatten verb

(often with out) to make or become flat

The countryside flattened out as they came near the sea.
flatmate noun

(British) someone who shares a flat/apartment with one or more other people.

teman satu flat
flat rate noun

a fixed amount, especially one that is the same in all cases

harga tetap
He charged a flat rate for the work.
flat out adverb

as fast, energetically etc as possible

bekerja keras
She worked flat out.

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