Die Übersetzung von "flower" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /ˈflauə/

the part of a plant or tree from which fruit or seed grows, often brightly coloured and sometimes including the stem on which it grows

a bunch of flowers.
flowered adjective

having a pattern of flowers

corak bunga
flowered material.
flowery adjective

having, or decorated with, flowers

a flowery hat.

(of language) using ornamental words and phrases; poetic

a flowery speech.
flower-bed noun

a piece of earth prepared and used for the growing of plants.

tanah untuk tanam bunga
flower-pot noun

a container made of earthenware, plastic etc in which a plant is grown.

in flower

(of a plant) having flowers in bloom

These trees are in flower in May.

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