Die Übersetzung von "fool" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /fuːl/

a person without sense or intelligence

She’s a complete fool for wasting so much money
He is such a fool he never knows what to do.
foolish adjective

having no sense

He is a foolish young man.


He looked very foolish in that silly hat.
foolishly adverb

dengan bodoh
Foolishly I forgot to lock the door when I went out.
foolishness noun

an act of extreme foolishness.
foolhardy adjective

taking foolish risks; rash

He made a foolhardy attempt to climb the mountain in such poor weather.
foolhardiness noun

foolproof adjective

unable to go wrong

tanpa kesalahan
His new plan seems completely foolproof.
make a fool of

to make (someone) appear ridiculous or stupid

He made a real fool of her by promising to marry her and then leaving her when he had spent all her money.
make a fool of oneself

to act in such a way that people consider one ridiculous or stupid

She got drunk and made a fool of herself at the party.
play the fool

to act in a foolish manner, especially with the intention of amusing other people

He always played the fool when the teacher left the classroom.

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