Übersetzung von “free” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /friː/

allowed to move where one wants; not shut in, tied, fastened etc

The prison door opened, and he was a free man.

not forced or persuaded to act, think, speak etc in a particular way

free speech
You are free to think what you like.

(with with) generous

He is always free with his money/advice.

frank, open and ready to speak

Alan was known for his free and easy manner.

costing nothing

a free gift.

not working or having another appointment; not busy

I shall be free at five o’clock.

not occupied, not in use

Is this table free?

(with ofor from) without or no longer having (especially something or someone unpleasant etc)

She is free from pain now.
freedom noun

the state of not being under control and being able to do whatever one wishes

All political prisoners were given their freedom.
freedom fighter noun

someone who uses violence against a government which they are opposed to. This word is used by people who support this action.

pejuang pembebasan
freely adverb

in a free manner

dengan bebas
She always gives freely to charity
Many people are afraid to speak freely to journalists.

willingly; readily

dengan sukarela
I freely admit it was my fault.
Freefone® noun

(also freephone; American toll-free number) a telephone number of a business or an organization that can be used free of charge by their customers etc; the system giving this service.

nombor talian bebas
free-for-all noun

a contest, debate etc in which anyone can take part

terbuka pada semua
The marketplace for mobile phone apps has become a free-for-all.
freehand adjective, adverb

(of a drawing etc ) (done) without any instruments (eg a ruler) to guide the hand

tanpa alatan
a freehand sketch.
freehold adjective

(of land, property etc) belonging completely to the owner, not just for a certain time

hak milik
a freehold tenancy.
free kick noun

(in football/soccer and rugby) an occasion when a player is allowed to kick the ball without any opposition because the other team has done something wrong

sepakan percuma
The referee awarded a free kick just outside the penalty box.
freelance noun, adjective

(of or done by) a person who is working on his own, not for any one employer

pekerja bebas
a freelance journalist
freelance work.
freemason noun

a man who belongs to a secret society whose members provide help for each other.

Freepost noun

a system in Britain in which a business or an organization pays the cost of the post sent to it.

biaya ditanggung penerima
free skating noun

a free style in ice-skating competitions.

gaya bebas dalam lumba ski
free speech noun

the right to express an opinion freely

ucapan bebas
I believe in free speech.
free trade noun

(business ) trade with foreign countries without customs duties, taxes etc.

perdagangan bebas
freeway noun

(American) a motorway.

laluan bebas
We were driving down the freeway.
freewheel verb

to travel (downhill) on a bicycle, in a car etc without using mechanical power.

jatuh bebas
free will noun

the ability to choose and act freely

kebebasan memilih
He did it of his own free will.
a free hand noun

freedom to do whatever one likes

kebebasan berbuat
He gave her a free hand with the servants.
set free

to make (someone) free

The hostages were set free after several hours of negotiations.

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