Übersetzung von “gas” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ɡӕs/

a substance like air

Oxygen, Hydrogen and other gases.

any gas which is used for heating, cooking etc

(also adjective) a gas stove.

a gas which is used by dentists as an anaesthetic.


a poisonous or irritating gas used in war etc

The police used tear gas to control the riot.
gaseous /ˈɡӕsiəs/ adjective

of or like (a) gas

a gaseous substance.
gasify /ˈɡæsiˌfai/ verb (past tense, past participle gasified)

(chemistry, physics) to become or convert into a gas

menjadi gas
Wood is gasified when it is heated to a temperature greater than 450°C.
gasification /ˌɡæsifiˈkeiʃən/ noun

pembentukan gas
gassy adjective

full of gas

gassy lemonade.
gassiness noun

sifat bergas
gas chamber noun

a room in which people are killed by means of gas

bilik gas beracun
Many people were sent to the gas chamber in World War II.
gas mask noun

something which is used to cover the face to prevent a person breathing poisonous gas

topeng gas
He was wearing a gas mask.
gas meter noun

an instrument which measures the amount of gas which is used

meter gas
A man came to check the gas meter this afternoon.
gasoline /ˈɡӕsəliːn/ noun ( gasolene)

(American) petrol

gas station noun

(American) a petrol station.

stesen minyak
gasworks noun singular

a place where gas is made

loji gas
The town gasworks is rather an ugly building.

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