Übersetzung von “gene” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /dʒiːn/

(biology) any of the basic elements of heredity, passed from parents to their offspring

If the children are red-haired, one of their parents must have a gene for red hair.
genetic /dʒəˈnetik/ adjective

(biology) of genes or genetics

a genetic abnormality.
genetic engineering noun

(biology) the science of changing the genetic features of animals and plants.

kejuruteraan genetik
genetically modified adjective

(biology ) (also GM) (of a plant or animal) having its genetic structure changed for a particular purpose such as making crops more resistant to disease

diubahsuai secara genetik
genetically modified crops/foods.
genetics /dʒəˈnetiks/ noun singular

(biology) the science of heredity.

be in the/someone’s genes /ˈbiː in ðə/ˌsamwanz ˈdʒiːnz/

(informal) to be a quality that parents have passed on to their children

Risk-taking is in his genes.

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