Übersetzung von “grace” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ɡreis/

beauty of form or movement

gaya yang lemah lembut
The dancer’s movements were full of grace.

a sense of what is right

budi bahasa
At least he had the grace to leave after his dreadful behaviour/behavior.

a short prayer of thanks for a meal

Father used to say grace at the beginning of each meal.

a delay allowed as a favour/favor

You should have paid me today, but I’ll give you a day’s grace.

the title of a duke, duchess or archbishop

Yang Teramat Mulia
Your/His Grace.


limpah kurnia
by the grace of God.
graceful adjective

having or showing beauty of form or movement

mempunyai gaya yang cantik
a graceful dancer.
gracefully adverb

dengan gaya yang lemah lembut
She gracefully moved, without faltering in her movements.
gracefulness noun

sifat yang mempunyai gaya yang lemah lembut
gracious /-ʃəs/ adjective

kind or polite

a gracious smile.

(of God) merciful.

graciously adverb

dengan mesra
She smiled graciously.
graciousness noun

sifat yang lembut dan mesra
He accepted defeat with his customary graciousness.
with (a) good/bad grace


dengan hati terbuka
She accepted his apology with good grace.

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