Übersetzung von “green” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ɡriːn/

of the colour/color of growing grass or the leaves of most plants

a green hat.

not ripe

green bananas.

without experience

mentah; tiada pengalaman
Only someone as green as you would believe a story like that.

looking as if one is about to be sick; very pale

He was green with envy (= very jealous).
greenish adjective

close to green

a greenish dress.
greens noun plural

green vegetables

Children are often told that they must eat their greens.
greenfly noun (plural greenflies, greenfly)

a type of small, green insect

kutu daun
The leaves of this rosebush have been eaten by greenfly.
greengage /-ɡeidʒ/ noun

a greenish-yellow type of plum.

sejenis buah plum yang berwarna kuning kehijauan
greengrocer noun

a person who sells fruit and vegetables.

penjual sayur
greenhouse noun

a building usually of glass, in which plants are grown.

rumah hijau
greenhouse effect noun

(singular) the gradual heating of the atmosphere caused by air pollution which traps energy from the sun.

kesan rumah hijau
the green light noun

permission to begin

We can’t start until he gives us the green light.

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