Übersetzung von “habit” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈhӕbit/

something which a person does usually or regularly

He has the habit of going for a walk after dinner
She has an irritating habit of interrupting people.

a tendency to do the same things that one has always done

I did it out of habit.

a long loose piece of clothing worn by monks or nuns

jubah rahib
a monk’s habit.
habitual /həˈbitjuəl/ adjective

having a habit of doing, being etc (something)

He’s a habitual drunkard.

done etc regularly

He took his habitual walk before bed.
habitually /həˈbitjuəli/ adverb

She is habitually late for work.
from force of habit

because one is used to doing (something)

I took the cigarette from force of habit.
get (someone) into the habit of ( get (someone) out of the habit of)

to make (a person) start or stop doing (something) as a habit

menyuruh seseorang menjadikan sesuatu itu sebagai kebiasaan
I wish I could get out of the habit of biting my nails
You must get your children into the habit of cleaning their teeth.

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