Übersetzung von “hang” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /hӕŋ/ (past tense, past participle hung /haŋ/)

to put or fix, or to be put or fixed, above the ground eg by a hook

We’ll hang the picture on that wall
The picture is hanging on the wall.

to fasten (something), or to be fastened, at the top or side so that it can move freely but cannot fall

A door hangs by its hinges.

(past tense, past participle hanged) to kill, or to be killed, by having a rope put round the neck and being allowed to drop

digantung sampai mati
Murderers used to be hanged in the United Kingdom, but no-one hangs for murder now.

(often with downor out) to be bending, drooping or falling downwards

The dog’s tongue was hanging out
Her hair was hanging down.

to bow (one’s head)

menundukkan kepala
He hung his head in shame.
hanger noun

(usually coathanger) a shaped metal, wooden or plastic frame with a hook on which jackets, dresses etc are hung up

penyangkut baju
a wire coathanger.
hanging noun

the (act of) killing a criminal by hanging

hukuman gantung
He was sentenced to death by hanging.
hangings noun plural

curtains or material hung on walls for decoration

hiasan gantung
wall hangings.
hang-glider noun

a simple aircraft without an engine consisting of a frame covered with cloth that looks like a large kite. You hang under it and control it by moving your body.

peluncur tangan

someone who flies using a hang-glider.

peluncur tangan
hangman noun (plural hangmen)

a man whose job it is to hang criminals.

tukang gantung
hangover noun

the unpleasant after effects of having had too much alcohol

He woke up with a hangover.
get the hang of

to learn or begin to understand how to do (something)

belajar atau mula memahami
It may seem difficult at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few weeks.
hang about/around phrasal verb

to stand around, doing nothing

I don’t like to see all these youths hanging about (street-corners).

to be close to (a person) frequently

berkawan rapat
I don’t want you hanging around my daughter.
hang back phrasal verb

to hesitate or be unwilling

The soldiers all hung back when the sergeant asked for volunteers.
hang in the balance

to be in doubt

The success of this project is hanging in the balance.
hang on phrasal verb

to wait

Will you hang on a minute – I’m not quite ready.

(often with to) to hold

Hang on to that rope.

to keep; to retain

bergantung kepada
He likes to hang on to his money.
hang together phrasal verb

to agree or be consistent

tidak sepadu
His statements just do not hang together.
hang up phrasal verb

to hang (something) on something

Hang up your coat on one of those pegs.

(often with on) to put the receiver back after a telephone conversation

meletakkan gagang telefon
I tried to talk to her, but she hung up (on me).
She hung the picture up.The murderer was hanged.

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