Übersetzung von “haste” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /heist/

(too much) speed

Your work shows signs of haste – there are too many mistakes in it.
hasten /ˈheisn/ verb

to (cause to) move with speed

He hastened towards me
We must hasten the preparations.

to do at once

He hastened to add an explanation.
hasty adjective (comparative hastier, superlative hastiest)

done etc in a hurry

a hasty snack.

acting or done with too much speed and without thought

She is too hasty – she should think carefully before making such an important decision
a hasty decision.

easily made angry

panas baran
a hasty temper.
hastily adverb

dengan terburu-buru
She hastily grabbed her coat and ran out of the door.
hastiness noun

sifat yg terburu-buru
In his hastiness, he forget to close the window.
in haste

in a hurry; quickly

I am writing in haste before leaving for the airport.
make haste

to hurry

I made haste to the church.

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