Übersetzung von “heavy” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈhevi/ (comparative heavier, superlative heaviest)

having great weight; difficult to lift or carry

a heavy parcel.

having a particular weight

I wonder how heavy the suitcase is.

of very great amount, force etc

lebat; bergelora; banyak jumlahnya
heavy rain
a heavy blow
The ship capsized in the heavy seas
heavy taxes.

doing something to a great extent

He’s a heavy smoker/drinker.

dark and dull; looking or feeling stormy

a heavy sky/atmosphere.

difficult to read, do, understand etc

Books on philosophy are too heavy for me.

(of food) hard to digest

sukar untuk dihadamkan
It was a rather heavy meal.

noisy and clumsy

bising dan cemerkap
heavy footsteps.
heavily adverb

dengan banyaknya
She’s heavily pregnant.
heaviness noun

heavy-duty adjective

made to stand up to very hard wear or use

tugas berat
heavy-duty tyres.
heavy industry noun

industries such as coalmining, ship-building etc which involve the use of large or heavy machines or which produce large or heavy products.

industri berat
heavy metal noun

a type of loud aggressive rock music

heavy metal
a heavy metal band

(chemistry) a metal that has a high density, such as gold, lead, or mercury.

logam berat
heavyweight adjective, noun

(a person) in the heaviest of the various classes into which competitors in certain sports (eg boxing, wrestling) are divided according to their weight

a heavyweight boxer.
heavy going noun

difficult to make any progress with

I found this book very heavy going.
a heavy heart noun

a feeling of sadness

dgn berat hati
He obeyed with a heavy heart.
make heavy weather of

to find surprising difficulty in doing

terkejut kerana sesuatu itu lebih sukar drpd yg disangka
He said he’d finish the job in half an hour, but he’s making rather heavy weather of it.

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