Übersetzung von “here” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adverb /hiə/

(at, in or to) this place

He’s here
Come here!
He lives not far from here
Here they come
Here is / Here’s your lost book.

at this time; at this point in an argument

di waktu ini
Here she stopped speaking to wipe her eyes
Here is where I disagree with you.

beside one

di sebelah ini
My colleague here will deal with the matter.
hereabout adverb ( hereabouts)

near this place

dekat-dekat sini
He lives somewhere hereabouts.
hereafter adverb

in legal language, after this; from now on

selepas ini
This concerns the will of John Anderson, hereafter referred to as ’the deceased’.
the hereafter noun

the next world; life after death

alam baqa
She claims to be able to communicate with spirits from the hereafter.
hereby adverb

in legal language, now, by means of (eg this statement)

dgn ini
I hereby declare that the new scence building is offcially open.
herein adverb

in legal language, in this (letter etc)

di dlm ini
Please complete the form enclosed herein.
herewith adverb

with this (letter etc)

bersama-sama ini
I am returning your passport herewith.
here and there

in, or to, various places

di sana sini
Books were scattered here and there.
here goes

I’m going to do something no matter what the consequences are

ini dia!
I’ve never tried diving before, but here goes!
here’s to interjection

used as a toast to the health, success etc of someone or something

ucap selamat utk
Here’s to the success of the new company.
here, there and everywhere

in, or to, a larger number of places; in all directions

People were running around here, there and everywhere.
here you are

here is what you want etc

Here you are. This is the book you were looking for.
neither here nor there

not important; not relevant

tdk kena-mengena
His opinion is neither here nor there.

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