Übersetzung von “honour” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch



respect for truth, honesty etc

a man of honour.

(the keeping or increasing of) a person’s, country’s etc good reputation

We must fight for the honour of our country.

fame; glory

He won honour on the field of battle.


This ceremony is being held in honour of those who died in the war.

something which a person feels to be a reason for pride etc

It is a great honour to be asked to address this meeting.

a title, degree etc given to a person as a mark of respect for his services, work, ability etc

He has received many honours for his research into cancer.

(with capital ) (with His, Youretc) a title of respect used when talking to or about judges, mayors etc

Yang Arif
My client wishes to plead guilty, Your Honour.
honorary adjective

(often abbreviated to Hon.in writing) (of an official position) not having any payment

the Honorary Secretary of the Darts Association.

given to a person as a mark of respect for his ability etc

an honorary degree.
honourable adjective ( honorable)

having, showing, bringing or deserving honour/honor

an honourable/honorable man.
honours noun plural ( honors)

(sometimes with capital ) (sometimes abbreviated to Hons when written) a degree awarded by universities, colleges etc to students who achieve good results in their final degree examinations, or who carry out specialized study or research; the course of study leading to the awarding of such a degree

He got First Class Honours in French
(also adjective ) an honours degree, (American) an honors course.

ceremony, when given as a mark of respect

The dead soldiers were buried with full military honours/honors.
(in) honour/honor bound

forced (to do something) not by law, but because one knows it is right

demi menjaga maruah
I said I would go if he sent for me, and I feel honour/honor bound to do as I promised.
on one’s honour/honor

an expression used to emphasize the truth and solemnity of something which is said

Do you swear, on your honour/honor, never to reveal what you see here?
word of honour/honor noun

a promise which cannot be broken without loss of honour

I give you my word of honour/honor that I’ll do it.
honorary, adjective, drops the u. honourable, adjective, keeps the u.

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