Übersetzung von “hope” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /həup/

to want something to happen and have some reason to believe that it will or might happen

He’s very late, but we are still hoping he will come
I hope to be in London next month
We’re hoping for some help from other people
It’s unlikely that he’ll come now, but we keep on hoping
’Do you think it will rain?’ ’I hope so/not’.
hopeful adjective

(opposite unhopeful) full of hope

The police are hopeful that they will soon find the killer
The hopeful faces of the children stared at her.
He is hopeful of success.

giving a reason or encouragement for hope

mempunyai harapan
That’s a hopeful signperhaps he is going to change his mind after all.

likely to be pleasant, successful etc

ada harapan
The future looks quite hopeful.
hopefulness noun

keadaan yang ada harapan
hopefully adverb

it is to be hoped that

Hopefully, that will never happen.

in a hopeful way

dengan penuh pengharapan
The dog looked hopefully at the joint of meat.
hopeless adjective

not likely to be successful

tiada harapan
It’s hopeless to try to persuade him
a hopeless attempt
The future looks hopeless.

(with at) not good

tak pandai langsung
I’m a hopeless housewife
He’s hopeless at French.

unable to be stopped, cured etc

tak guna langsung
The doctors considered the patient’s case hopeless
He’s a hopeless liar/idiot.
hopelessly adverb

dengan rasa putus asa
The company’s customer service response has been hopelessly inept.
hopelessness noun

rasa putus asa
the hopelessness of the situation.
hope against hope

to continue hoping when there is no (longer any) reason for hope

terus berharap
The rescue team hoped against hope that the lost hikers would be found.
hope for the best

to hope that something will succeed, that nothing bad will happen etc.

berharap sesuatu yang baik akan berlaku
not (have) a hope

(to be) completely unlikely (to succeed in something)

langsung tiada harapan
He hasn’t a hope of getting the job
’Will he get the job?’ ’Not a hope!’
raise someone’s hopes

to cause someone to hope, usually when there is no good reason to

memberikan harapan palsu
It’s unfair to raise people’s hopes like that.

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