Übersetzung von “hot” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /hot/

having or causing a great deal of heat

a hot oven
That water is hot.

very warm

a hot day
Running makes me feel hot.

(of food) having a sharp, burning taste

a hot curry.

easily made angry

panas baran
a hot temper.

recent; fresh

hot news.
hotly adverb

eagerly; quickly

The thieves were hotly pursued by the police.

angrily; passionately

The accusations were hotly denied.
hot air noun

boastful words, promises that will not be kept etc

Most of what he said was just hot air.
hot-air balloon noun

a large balloon that is filled with hot air and has a basket attached below it for carrying passengers.

belon udara panas
hot-blooded adjective

passionate; having strong feelings

hot-blooded young men.
hot dog noun

a hot sausage sandwich.

hot dog
hotfoot adverb

in a great hurry

He arrived hotfoot from the meeting.
hothead noun

a hotheaded person

Some local hotheads had caused a fight in a bar.
hotheaded adjective

easily made angry; inclined to act suddenly and without sufficient thought

panas baran; gopoh
a hot-headed young man.
hothouse noun

a glass-house kept warm for growing plants in

rumah tanaman
He grows orchids in his hothouse.
hot-plate noun

the part of a cooker on which food is heated for cooking.

plat panas

a portable heated plate of metal etc for keeping plates of food etc hot.

plat panas
hot-water bottle noun

a rubber container that you fill with hot water and put in a bed to keep it warm.

botol air panas
be in the hot seat

to hold an important position which involves having to make important decisions.

berada dalam kerusi panas
be in hot water ( get into hot water)

to be in or get into trouble

ditimpa masalah
He got into hot water when he was caught cheating in an exam.
hot up phrasal verb (past tense, past participle hotted)

to increase; to become more exciting etc

menyeronokkan lagi
The race is beginning to hot up.
in hot pursuit

chasing as fast as one can

mengejar bermati-matian
The thief ran off, with the shopkeeper in hot pursuit.
like hot cakes

very quickly

macam pisang goreng panas
These books are selling like hot cakes.

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