Übersetzung von “house” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /haus/ (plural houses /ˈhauziz/)

a building in which people, especially a single family, live

Houses have been built on the outskirts of the town for the workers in the new industrial estate.

a place or building used for a particular purpose

a hen house
a public house.

a theatre, or the audience in a theatre/theater

There was a full house for the first night of the play.

a family, usually important or noble, including its ancestors and descendants

the house of Tudor.
housing /-ziŋ/ noun


These flats will provide housing for the immigrants.

the hard cover round a machine etc

an engine housing.
housing benefit noun

(in Britain) a payment given by a government to people who are entitled to it according to certain criteria (eg poverty) when they buy or rent a house, an apartment etc.

faedah perumahan
house agent noun

a person who arranges the sale or letting of houses; real-estate agent(American)

ejen rumah
house arrest noun

a type of arrest in which a person is not allowed to leave his own house

penahanan dalam rumah
He was kept under house arrest.
houseboat noun

a type of boat, usually with a flat bottom, which is built to be lived in.

rumah bot
housebreaker noun

a person who breaks into a house in order to steal.

penjenayah pecah rumah
housebreaking noun

pemecahan rumah
He was arrested for housebreaking.
housefly noun (plural houseflies)

the common fly, found throughout the world.

household noun

the people who live together in a house, including their servants

How many people are there in this household?
householder noun

the person who owns a house or pays the rent for it.

tuan rumah atau penyewa
household word noun

something which is well-known to everyone

His name is a household word throughout the country.
housekeeper noun

a person, usually a woman, who is paid to look after the management of a house.

pembantu rumah
housekeeping noun

the management of a house

pengurusan rumah tangga
(also adjective) housekeeping duties.
houseman noun (plural housemen)

(British, old-fashioned) a recently qualified doctor who is living in a hospital while working there to complete his training.

doktor pelatih
housemate noun

(British) someone who lives in the same house as you, but who is not a member of your family.

rakan serumah
house music noun

a type of electronic dance music that developed in the 1980s.

muzik house
housetrain verb

to train (a dog, cat etc) to be clean inside the house

melatih binatang agar pandai menjaga kebersihan rumah
The puppy has not yet been housetrained.
house-warming noun

a party given after moving into a new house.

parti masuk rumah baru
housewife noun (plural housewives)

a woman who looks after her house, her husband and her family, and who usually does not have a job outside the home.

suri rumah
housework noun

the work of keeping a house clean and tidy

kerja rumah
My mother has a woman to help her with the housework.
housing estate noun

(British) an area where a large number of houses have been built at the same time.

estet perumahan
like a house on fire

very well

sangat akrab
The two children got on with each other like a house on fire.

very quickly

dengan pantas
I’m getting through this job like a house on fire.

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