Übersetzung von “how” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adverb, conjunction /hau/

in what way

How do you make chilli con carne?

to what extent

How do you like my new hat?
How far is Paris from London?

by what means

bagaimana cara
I’ve no idea how he came here.

in what condition

bagaimana keadaan
How are you today?
How do I look?

for what reason

How is it that I am the last to know about this?
however adverb

in spite of that

walau bagaimana pun
It would be nice if we had more money. However, I suppose we’ll manage with what we have.

(also how ever) in what way; by what means

macam mana
However did you get here?
However did you do that?

to no matter what extent

walau betapa
However hard I try, I still can’t do it.
how about

I would like to suggest

macam mana dengan
’Where shall we go tonight?’ ’How about the cinema?’

what is he, are you etc going to do?; what does he, do you etc think?

macam mana
We’re going to the cinema tonight. How about you?
I rather like that picture. How about you?
how come

for what reason

How come I didn’t get any cake?
how do you do?

words that are said by a person to someone he is being introduced to

apa khabar
’How do you do? My name is Mike Winter,’ he said, shaking her hand.

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