Übersetzung von “hundred” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈhandrəd/

(plural hundred) the number 100

Ten times ten is a hundred
more than one/a hundred
There must be at least six hundred of them here.

the figure 100.


the age of 100

seratus tahun
She’s over a hundred
a man of a hundred.

(plural hundred) a hundred pounds or dollars

I lost several hundred at the casino last night.

a hundred-dollar bill.
hundredfold adjective, adverb

one hundred times as much or as great

seratus kali ganda
Production has increased a hundredfold.
hundredth noun

one of a hundred equal parts.

ke seratus

(also adjective ) (the) last of a hundred (people, things etc ) or (the person, thing etc) in an equivalent position.

ke seratus
hundreds of

several hundred

beberapa ratus
He has hundreds of pounds in the bank.

very many

terlalu banyak
I’ve got hundreds of things to do.
hundredweight noun

a unit for measuring weight equal to 112 pounds in the UK and 100 pounds in the US

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