Übersetzung von “hurry” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /ˈhari, (American) ˈhəːri/ (past tense, past participle hurried)

to (cause to) move or act quickly, often too quickly

You’d better hurry if you want to catch that bus
If you hurry me, I’ll make mistakes.

to convey quickly

After the accident, the injured man was hurried to the hospital.
hurried adjective

done quickly, often too quickly

dibuat dengan terlalu cepat
This was a very hurried piece of work.

(opposite unhurried) forced to do something quickly, often too quickly

digesa melakukan sesuatu dengan cepat
I hate feeling hurried.
hurriedly adverb

dengan tergesa-gesa
She hurriedly packed her things in a suitcase.
in a hurry

acting quickly

I did this in a hurry.

wishing or needing to act quickly

hendak cepat
I’m in a hurry.

soon; easily

semudah itu
You won’t untie this knot in a hurry.


ingin segera
I’m in a hurry to see my new house.
hurry up phrasal verb

to (cause to) move quickly

gesa seseorang agar cepat
Hurry him up, will you
Do hurry up!

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