Übersetzung von “in” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


preposition /in/

describing the position of a thing etc which is surrounded by something else

di dalam
My mother is in the house
in London
in bed.

showing the direction of movement

ke dalam
He put his hand in his pocket.

describing the time at, after or within which something happens

in the morning
I’ll be back in a week.

indicating amount or relative number

They arrived in large numbers.

expressing circumstances, state, manner etc of an event, person etc

She was dressed in a brown coat
They were walking in the rain
He did it in a hurry
written in English
He is in the army
The books were tied up in bundles
She is in her sixties.
-in suffix

describing an activity usually carried out by groups of people as a form of protest etc

a work-in.
day etc in, day etc out

day etc after day etc without a break

setiap hari
I do the same boring job day in, day out
Last summer it rained week in, week out.
inasmuch as ( in as much as)

because; in consideration of the fact that

It would not be true to say he had retired from this firm, inasmuch as he still does a certain amount of work for us.
in for

likely to experience (especially something bad)

We’re in for some bad weather
You’re in for it if you broke that window!
ins and outs

the complex details of a plan etc

He knows all the ins and outs of this scheme.
insofar as ( in so far as)

to the degree or extent that

I gave him the details insofar as I knew them.
in that

because; from the fact that

This is not a good plant for your garden in that its seeds are poisonous.

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