Übersetzung von “indirect” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /indiˈrekt/

not leading straight to the destination; not direct

We arrived late because we took rather an indirect route.

not straightforward

tidak langsung
I asked her several questions, but she kept giving me indirect answers.

not intended; not directly aimed at

tidak langsung
The food shortage is an indirect result of the war.
indirectness noun

tidak langsungnya
indirect object noun

(linguistics ) the word in a sentence which stands for the person or thing to or for whom something is given, done etc

objek tak langsung
In ’Give me the book’, ’Tell the children a story’, ’Boil John an egg’, me, the children and John are indirect objects.
indirect speech noun

(linguistics) a person’s words as they are reported rather than in the form in which they were said

ucapan tak langsung
He said that he would come is the form in indirect speech of He said ’I will come’.

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