Übersetzung von “initial” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /iˈniʃəl/

of, or at, the beginning

There were difficulties during the initial stages of building the house.
initially adverb

at the beginning; at first

pada awalnya
This project will cost a lot of money initially, but will eventually make a profit.
initiate /-ʃieit/ verb

to start (eg a plan, scheme, changes, reforms etc)

He initiated a scheme for helping old people with their shopping.

to take (a person) into a society etc, especially with secret ceremonies

menerima dalam sesuatu kalangan
No-one who had been initiated into the society ever revealed the details of the ceremony.
initiate /-ʃiət/ noun

a person who has been initiated (into a society etc).

anggota baru
initiation /-ʃiˈei-/ noun

the act of initiating or process of being initiated

(also adjective) an initiation ceremony.
initiative /-ʃətiv/ noun

a first step or move that leads the way

He took the initiative in organizing a search party to look for the girl.

the ability to lead or make decisions for oneself

He is quite good at his job, but lacks initiative
My son actually went to the hairdresser’s on his own initiative!

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