Übersetzung von “injure” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /ˈindʒə/

to harm or damage

He injured his arm when he fell
They were badly injured when the car crashed
A story like that could injure his reputation
His pride has been injured.
injured adjective

(also noun) (people who have been) wounded or harmed

The injured (people) were all taken to hospital after the accident.

(of feelings, pride etc) hurt

’Why didn’t you tell me before?’ he said in an injured voice.
injurious /inˈdʒuəriəs/ adjective

(with to) harmful

Smoking is injurious to one’s health.
injury noun (plural injuries)

(an instance of) harm or damage

Badly designed chairs can cause injury to the spine
The motorcyclist received severe injuries in the crash.

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