Übersetzung von “intend” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /inˈtend/

to mean or plan (to do something or that someone else should do something)

Do you still intend to go?
Do you intend them to go?
Do you intend that they should go too?

to mean (something) to be understood in a particular way

His remarks were intended to be a compliment.

(with for) to direct at

That letter/bullet was intended for me.
intent /-t/ adjective

(with on) meaning, planning or wanting to do (something)

He’s intent on going
He’s intent on marrying the girl.

(with on) concentrating hard on

She was intent on the job she was doing.
intention /-ʃən/ noun

what a person plans or intends to do

He has no intention of leaving
He went to see the boss with the intention of asking for a pay rise
If I have offended you, it was quite without intention
Despite all his good intentions, he couldn’t cheer her up.
intentional /-ʃənl/ adjective

(opposite unintentional) done, said etc deliberately and not by accident

I’m sorry I offended you – it wasn’t intentional
an intentional act of violence.
intentionally adverb

dengan sengaja
He intentionally misled her.
intently adverb

with great concentration

dengan tekun
He was watching her intently.

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