Übersetzung von “intense” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /inˈtens/

very great

intense heat
intense hatred.
intensely adverb

very much

I dislike that sort of behaviour/behavior intensely.
intenseness noun

intensify verb (past tense, past participle intensified)

to increase in strength or degree or to make something increase in strength or degree

The pressure on the minister to resign has intensified
Manchester United intensified the pressure on the Liverpool defence.
intensification noun

menjadi bertambah kebat
the intensification of civil unrest in the capital.
intensity noun

the quality of being intense

terlalu panas
the intensity of the heat from the fire.
intensive /-siv/ adjective

very great; showing or having great care etc

The police began an intensive search for the murderer
The hospital has just opened a new intensive care unit.
intensively adverb

dengan intensif
The land has been intensively farmed.
intensiveness noun

bersifat intensif

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