Die Übersetzung von "joy" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /dʒoi/

great happiness

The children jumped for joy when they saw the new toys.

a cause of great happiness

Their son is a great joy to them.
joyful adjective

filled with, showing or causing joy

a joyful mood
joyful news.
joyfully adverb

joyfulness noun

tidak bahagia
joyless adjective

without any happiness

tidak gembira
joylessly adverb

secara tidak gembira
joyous adjective


sangat gembira
a joyous occasion.
joyously adverb

dengan gembira
joystick noun

an upright stick that controls the movement of an object on the screen when playing a computer game.

kayu ria

an upright stick which a pilot uses to control the direction or height of an aircraft.

kayu bedik

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