Übersetzung von “key” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /kiː/

an instrument or tool by which something (eg a lock or a nut) is turned

Have you got the key for this door?

in musical instruments, one of the small parts pressed to sound the notes

piano keys.

in a typewriter, calculator etc , one of the parts which one presses to cause a letter etc to be printed, displayed etc.


the scale in which a piece of music is set

What key are you playing in?
the key of F.

something that explains a mystery or gives an answer to a mystery, a code etc

the key to the whole problem.

in a map etc , a table explaining the symbols etc used in it.

keyboard noun

the keys in a piano, typewriter etc arranged along or on a flat board

The pianist sat down at the keyboard and began to play
A computer keyboard looks like that of a typewriter
(also adjective) harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments.

any keyboard (musical) instrument

papan nada
The album features Mick Brown on keyboards.
keyhole noun

the hole in which a key of a door etc is placed

lubang kunci
The child looked through the keyhole to see if his teacher was still with his parents.
keyhole surgery noun

(medical) surgery done through a very small cut in the body.

pembedahan lubang kunci
keynote noun

the chief note in a musical key.

not nada

the chief point or theme (of a lecture etc).

ucapan dasar
keypad noun

a small set of buttons that you press to operate an electronic device such as a calculator, a remote control, or a telephone.

pad kekunci

(computing) a separate set of buttons on the right of a computer keyboard.

pad kekunci
keyring noun

a small ring that you keep keys on.

cecincin kunci
keyed up adjective

excited; tense

Everybody was keyed up for a visit and inspection by the regional manager.

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