Übersetzung von “know” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /nəu/ (past tense knew /njuː/, past participle known)

to be aware of or to have been informed about

He thinks he knows everything
I know he is at home because his car is in the drive
He knows all about it
I know of no reason why you cannot go.

to have learned and to remember

He knows a lot of poetry.

to be aware of the identity of; to be friendly with

I know Mrs Taylor – she lives near me.

to (be able to) recognize or identify

You would hardly know her now – she has become very thin
He knows a good car when he sees one.
knowing adjective

showing secret understanding

pandangan bermakna
She gave him a knowing look.
knowingly adverb

in a knowing manner

dengan penuh erti
She smiled knowingly.

deliberately or on purpose

dengan sengaja
He would not knowingly insult her.
know-all noun

an unkind name for a person who thinks he knows everything

serba tahu
He had a reputation for being a bit of a know-all.
know-how noun

the practical knowledge and skill to deal with something

She has acquired a lot of know-how about cars.
in the know

having information possessed only by a small group of people

yang diketahui
People in the know tell me that she is the most likely person to get the job.
know backwards

to know extremely well or perfectly

serba mengetahui
He knows his history backwards.
know better

to be too wise or well-taught (to do something)

lebih mengetahui
She should know better at her age!
He should have known better than to trust them.
know how to

to have learned the way to

tahu bagaimana
She already knew how to read when she went to school.
know the ropes

to understand the detail and procedure of a job etc

mengetahui segalanya
It’ll take you a while to get to know the ropes.

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