Übersetzung von “labour” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch



hard work

kerja keras
The building of the cathedral involved considerable labour/labor over two centuries
People engaged in manual labour/labor are often badly paid.

workmen on a job

The firm is having difficulty hiring labour/labor.

(in a pregnant woman etc) the process of childbirth

She was in labour/labor for several hours before the baby was born.

used (with capital) as a name for the Socialist party in the United Kingdom.

laborious /ləˈboːriəs/ adjective

difficult; requiring hard work

Moving house is always a laborious process.
laboriously adverb

dengan susah payah
I laboriously checked each envelope to make sure they all contained the correct documents.
laboriousness noun

labourer noun ( laborer)

a workman who is employed to do heavy work requiring little skill

the labourers/laborers on a building/construction site.
labour court noun ( labor court)

(legal) a court of law for settling disputes between management and workers.

mahkamah buruh
labour dispute noun ( labor dispute)

a disagreement between management and workers about working conditions, pay etc

pertikaian buruh
The labour/labor dispute between the two parties has been amicably resolved.
labour-saving adjective ( labor-saving)

intended to lessen work

penjimatan tenaga
washing-machines and other labour-saving/labor-saving devices.

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