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ladylady’s fingersthe ladies

noun, noun plural, noun /ˈleidi/ (plural ladies)

a more polite form of woman

Tell that child to stand up and let that lady sit down
The lady in the flower shop said that roses are expensive just now
Ladies’ shoes are upstairs in this shop
(also adjective) a lady doctor.

a woman of good manners and refined behaviour/behavior

Be quiet! Ladies do not shout in public.

in the United Kingdom, used as the title of, or a name for, a woman of noble rank

Sir James and Lady Brown
lords and ladies.
ladylike adjective

like a lady in manners

bersifat kewanitaan
She is too ladylike to swear.
Ladyship noun

(with Her, Your) a word used in speaking to, or about, a woman with the title ’Lady’

Thank you, Your Ladyship
Ask Her Ladyship for permission.
ladybird noun ( ladybug)

(American ladybug) a type of little round beetle, usually red with black spots.

kumbang kura-kura

the long sticky green pods of a tropical plant, used as a vegetable; okra

kacang bendi

a women’s toilet in a public place

tandas wanita
She’s just gone to the ladies.

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