Übersetzung von “length” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /leŋθ/

the distance from one end to the other of an object, period of time etc

panjang; tempoh
What is the length of your garden?
Please note down the length of time it takes you to do this.

a piece of something, especially cloth

I bought a (3–metre) length of silk.

in racing, the measurement from end to end of a horse, boat etc

jarak panjang
He won by a length
The other boat is several lengths in front.
lengthen verb

to make or become longer

I’ll have to lengthen this skirt
The days are lengthening now that the spring has come.
lengthways/lengthwise adverb

in the direction of the length

She folded the towels lengthways.
lengthy adjective (comparative lengthier, superlative lengthiest)

of great, often too great, length

This essay is interesting, but lengthy.
at length

in detail; taking a long time

dengan panjang lebar
She told us at length about her accident.

at last

At length, the walkers arrived home.
go to any lengths

to do anything, no matter how extreme, dishonest, wicked etc, to achieve a particular aim

melakukan apa saja
She’d go to any lengths to get herself promoted.

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