Übersetzung von “light” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /lait/

easy to lift or carry; of little weight

I bought a light suitcase for plane journeys.

easy to bear, suffer or do

Next time the punishment will not be so light.

(of food) easy to digest

a light meal.

of less weight than it should be

beratnya kurang
The load of grain was several kilos light.

of little weight

Aluminium/Aluminum is a light metal.

lively or agile

She was very light on her feet.

cheerful; not serious

light music.

little in quantity; not intense, heavy, strong etc

light rain.

(of soil) containing a lot of sand.

lightly adverb

dengan ringan
She tapped him lightly on the shoulder.
lightness noun

lighten verb

to make or become less heavy

She lightened her suitcase by taking out several pairs of shoes
The postman’s bag of parcels lightened as he went from house to house.
light-fingered adjective

inclined to steal things

panjang tangan
The newsagent didn’t like having light-fingered schoolchildren in his shop.
light-headed adjective

dizzy and giddy

pening-pening lalat
She felt rather light-headed after a second glass of wine.
light-hearted adjective

happy and free from anxiety; not grave or serious

a light-hearted mood.
lightweight adjective

light in weight

a lightweight raincoat.
get off lightly

to escape or be allowed to go without severe punishment etc

dibebaskan tanpa hukuman yang berat
He got off lightly with a small fine.
make light of

to treat (problems etc) as unimportant

memandang remeh
She attempted to make light of the situation.
travel light

to travel with little luggage.

tanpa banyak bagasi
He prefers to travel light whenever possible so as to avoid dragging a heavy suitcase around.

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