Übersetzung von “like” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /laik/

the same or similar

They’re as like as two peas in a pod.
likely adjective


The likely result is a draw between the two teams.
It’s likely that she’ll succeed.

looking etc as if it might be good, useful, suitable etc

yang mungkin sesuai
a likely spot for a picnic
She’s the most likely person for the job.
likelihood noun


What is the likelihood of the strike taking place?
liken verb

to think or speak of as being similar; to compare

The shape of the building caused many people to liken it to a gherkin.
likeness noun

(a) similarity or resemblance

The likeness between the two sisters is amazing.

a representation of a a person etc in a photographic or painted portrait etc

That photo of Mary is a good likeness.
likewise adverb

in the same or a similar manner

He ignored her, and she ignored him likewise.


begitu juga
Mrs. Johnson came, likewise Mrs. Strachan.
like-minded adjective

having a similar opinion or purpose

Membership of the club allows you to meet like-minded people.
a likely story!

I don’t believe it!

itu alasan semata-mata
’He’s claiming that the dog ate his homework.’ ’A likely story!’
as likely as not


As likely as not, he won’t remember that we have a meeting tomorrow.
be like someone

to be typical of someone

selalunya dia
It isn’t like him to be late.
feel like

to be inclined, willing or anxious to (do or have something)

rasa hendak
I don’t feel like going out
I feel like a cup of tea.
he etc is likely to

it is probable that he etc will

He is likely to fail.
look like

to appear similar to

She looks very like her mother.

to show the effects, signs or possibility of

kelihatan seperti hendak
It looks like rain.
not likely!

certainly not!

tidak mungkin
’Would you put your head in a lion’s mouth?’ ’Me? Not likely!’

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