Übersetzung von “magnet” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈmӕɡnit/

a piece of iron, or of certain other materials, that attracts or repels other pieces of iron etc

A compass uses a magnet to show which way is north.
magnetic /-ˈne-/ adjective

of, or having the powers of, or operating by means of, a magnet or magnetism

magnetic force.

strongly attractive

a magnetic personality.
magnetically adverb

dengan cara yang menarik
The roller in a laser printer is magnetically-charged.
magnetism noun

power of attraction

daya tarik
his personal magnetism.

(the science of) magnets and their power of attraction

the magnetism of the Earth.
magnetize verb ( (also magnetiseBritish))

to make magnetic

menjadikan magnet
You can magnetize a piece of iron.

to attract or influence strongly

She’s the kind of person who can magnetize others.
magnetic attraction noun

(physics) attraction for iron

tarikan magnet
magnetic compass noun

a compass with a magnetized needle that indicates the direction of magnetic north

kompas magnet
Columbus used a magnetic compass on his first trans-Atlantic trip.
magnetic field noun

(physics) the area in which the pull of a magnet, or thing acting like a magnet, is felt

medan magnet
the Earth’s magnetic field.
magnetic north noun

(physics) the direction, either east or west of the true north, in which a magnetized needle points.

utara magnetik

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