Die Übersetzung von "mania" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /ˈmeiniə/

(medical) a form of mental illness in which the sufferer is over-active, overexcited, and unreasonably happy

She was suffering from some kind of mania.

an unreasonable enthusiasm for something

He has a mania for fast cars.
maniac /-ӕk/ noun

an insane (and dangerous) person; madman

orang gila
He drives like a maniac.
manic /ˈmӕnik/ adjective

of, or suffering from, mania

menderita kegilaan
She’s in a manic state.

extremely energetic, active and excited

gila kerja
The new manager is one of those manic people who can’t rest even for a minute.

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