Übersetzung von “mass” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /mӕs/

a large lump or quantity, gathered together

A mass of people were waiting outside the concert hall
The new car park has been described as an ugly mass of concrete.

a large quantity

I’ve masses of work / things to do.

the bulk, principal part or main body

sebahagian besar
The mass of people are in favour of peace.

(physics) (a) measure of the quantity of matter in an object

The mass of the rock is 500 kilos.
mass-produced adjective

(of goods) all exactly the same and produced in great numbers or quantity

dikeluarkan dengan besar-besaran
mass-produced plastic toys.
mass-produce verb

mengeluarkan secara besar-besaran
mass-production noun

pengeluaran besar-besaran
the mass media noun plural

those channels of communication (TV, radio, newspapers etc) that reach large numbers of people

media masa
The mass media seeks to manipulate public opinion.

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