Übersetzung von “mercy” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈməːsi/ (plural mercies)

kindness towards a person, especially an enemy, who is in one’s power

belas kasihan
He showed his enemies no mercy.

a piece of good luck or something for which one should be grateful

It was a mercy that it didn’t rain.
merciful adjective

willing to forgive or to punish only lightly

belas kasihan
a merciful judge.
mercifully adverb

dengan belas kasihan
Mercifully, we had fine weather during the whole of our stay.
merciless adjective

without mercy; cruel

tanpa belas kasihan
He had acquired a reputation for being a merciless ruler.
mercilessly adverb

dengan tanpa belas kasihan
at the mercy of

wholly in the power of, liable to be harmed by

di bawah kekuasaan
A sailor is always at the mercy of the sea.
have mercy on

to give kindness to (an enemy etc who is in one’s power)

Have mercy on me!

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