Übersetzung von “mind” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch



the power by which one thinks etc; the intelligence or understanding

She has a very inquiring mind.
-minded suffix

having a (certain type of) mind, as in narrow-minded, like-minded

mindful adjective (with of)

(formal) aware (of); paying attention (to)

You have to be mindful of everybody’s needs
Mindful of the dangers, he proceeded with caution.
mindless adjective

stupid and senseless

tidak berakal
mindless violence.
mindlessly adverb

dengan tidak berakal
mindlessness noun

tidak berakalnya
mindreader noun

a person who claims to know other people’s thoughts.

pembaca fikiran
at/in the back of one’s mind

being vaguely aware of something

di bawah sedarnya
In the back of her mind, she knew she couldn’t trust him.
be out of one’s mind

to be mad

He must be out of his mind to want to marry her!
do you mind!

used to show annoyance, stop someone doing something etc

Do you mind! That’s my foot you’re standing on!
have a good mind to

to feel very much inclined to (do something)

ingin sekali
I’ve a good mind to tell your father what a naughty girl you are!
have (half) a mind to

to feel (slightly) inclined to (do something)

I’ve half a mind to take my holidays in winter this year.
in one’s mind’s eye

in one’s imagination

He could picture the kind of house she lived in in his mind’s eye.
in one’s right mind


No-one in his right mind would behave like that.
keep one’s mind on

to give all one’s attention to

beri perhatian
Keep your mind on what you’re doing!
know one’s own mind

(usually in negative ) to know what one really thinks, wants to do etc

tindakan yang perlu diambil
She doesn’t know her own mind yet about this issue.
make up one’s mind

to decide

membuat keputusan
They’ve made up their minds to stay in Africa.
mind one’s own business

to attend to one’s own affairs, not interfering in other people’s

buat hal awak sendiri
Go away and mind your own business!
never mind

don’t bother; it’s all right

tidak mengapa
Never mind, I’ll do it myself.
on one’s mind

making one anxious, worried etc

She has a lot on her mind.
put (someone) in mind of something

to remind (someone) of

This place puts me in mind of a painting I once saw.
speak one’s mind

to say frankly what one means or thinks

memberi pendapat
You must allow me to speak my mind.
take/keep one’s mind off something

to turn one’s attention from; to prevent one from thinking about

menghilangkan perhatian daripada
A good holiday will take your mind off your troubles.
to my mind

in my opinion

pada pendapat saya
To my mind, you’re better off working here than in most other places.

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