Übersetzung von “miss” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /mis/

to fail to hit, catch etc

tidak kena
The arrow missed the target.

to fail to arrive in time for

He missed the 8 o’clock train.

to fail to take advantage of

You’ve missed your opportunity.

to feel sad because of the absence of

You’ll miss your friends when you go to live abroad.

to notice the absence of

I didn’t miss my purse till several hours after I’d dropped it.

to fail to hear or see

tidak dapat mendengar
He missed what you said because he wasn’t listening.

to fail to go to

tidak dapat menghadiri
I’ll have to miss my lesson next week, as I’m going to the dentist.

to fail to meet

gagal menemui
We missed you in the crowd.

to avoid

The thief only just missed being caught by the police.

(of an engine) to misfire.

susah menyala
missing adjective

not in the usual place or not able to be found

The child has been missing since Tuesday
I’ve found those missing papers.
go missing

to be lost

A group of climbers has gone missing in the Himalayas.
miss out phrasal verb

to omit or fail to include

tidak memasukkan
I missed her out (of the list) because she was away on holiday.

(often with on) to be left out of something

tidak ikut serta
George missed out (on all the fun) because of his broken leg.
miss the boat

to be left behind, miss an opportunity etc

I meant to send her a birthday card, but I missed the boat – her birthday was last week.

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