Übersetzung von “mobile” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈmoubail/

able to move

A van supplying country districts with library books is called a mobile library
The old lady is no longer mobile – she has to stay in bed all day.

able to move or be moved quickly or easily

boleh berpindah-pindah
Considering his age, he’s very mobile on his feet
Most of the furniture is very light and mobile.

(of someone’s features or face) changing easily in expression.

mudah berubah
mobility /-ˈbi-/ noun

A leg injury affected his mobility.
mobilize /-bi-/ verb ( (also mobiliseBritish))

to make (especially troops, an army etc), or become, ready for use or action

bersiap sedia
The troops are being mobilized in preparation for an attack on the enemy.
mobilization /-bi-/ noun ( (also mobilisationBritish))

bersiap sedia
mobile phone /ˈmoubail ˈfoun; American ˈmoubəl ˈfoun/ /ˈmoubail; American ˈmoubəl/ noun ( mobile)

(British ) a portable telephone that you can use anywhere; cellular phone, cell phone(American)

telefon bimbit
(also adjective) What’s your mobile number?

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