Übersetzung von “moon” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /muːn/

the heavenly body that moves once round the earth in a month and reflects light from the sun

The moon was shining brightly
Spacemen landed on the moon.

any of the similar bodies moving round the other planets

the moons of Jupiter.
moonless adjective

(of a night) dark and having no moonlight.

tidak berbulan
moonbeam noun

a beam of light reflected from the moon.

sinaran bulan
moonlight noun, adjective

(made with the help of) the light reflected by the moon

cahaya bulan
The sea looked silver in the moonlight
a moonlight raid.
moonlighting noun

pekerjaan sambilan
moonlit adjective

lit by the moon

disinari cahaya bulan
a moonlit night.
moon about/around phrasal verb

to wander around as if dazed, eg because one is in love

She spent the morning moonng around.

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