Übersetzung von “more” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /moː/ (comparative many, much)

a greater number or quantity of

lebih banyak
I’ve got more money than he has.

an additional number or quantity of

lebih lagi
We need some more milk.
moreover adverb

also; what is more important

lebih-lebih lagi
I don’t like the idea, and moreover, I think it’s illegal.
any more

any longer; nowadays

He doesn’t go any more, but he used to go twice a week.
more and more


It was becoming more and more difficult to see in the fading light.
more or less

approximately or almost

lebih kurang
They’ve more or less finished the job
The distance is ten kilometres, more or less.
the more … the more/less

The more I see her, the more/less I like her.
what is / what’s more


tambahan lagi
He came home after midnight, and what’s more, he was drunk.

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