Übersetzung von “motor” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈməutə/

a machine, usually a petrol engine or an electrical device, that gives motion or power

a washing-machine has an electric motor
(also adjective) a motor boat/vehicle.
motoring noun

(British) the activity of driving a car:

I was reading an article about motoring in Australia
a motoring offence.
motorist noun

a person who drives a motor car

penunggang kenderaan bermotor
The motorist could not avoid hitting the dog.
motorize verb ( (also motoriseBritish))

to fit a motor to (eg a bicycle).

memberi motor

to supply (eg troops) with motor vehicles

memberi kenderaan bermotor
Many army units have been motorized.
motorboat /ˈmoutəˌbout/ noun

a small fast boat that is powered by an engine.

motorcade /-keid/ noun

a procession in which everyone goes by car

the President’s motorcade
motor vehicle /ˈmoutəˌviːikəl/ noun

a road vehicle that is powered by an engine, for example a car or a truck

kenderaan motor
All motor vehicles must be equipped with seat belts.
motorway noun

(British) a road specially made for fast traffic

jalan bebas had laju
They are building a new motorway to link the two cities.
motorbike noun ( motorcycle)

any of several types of usually heavy bicycle moved by a motor

a motocycle helmet.
motor car noun

a vehicle on four wheels, moved by a motor, but not a lorry or van; an automobile, car.

motorcyclist noun

a person who rides a motorbike

penunggang motosikal
The motorcyclist was injured in the road accident.

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